Corporate Ethics And Accountability At The Co Operative

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Corporate Ethics and Accountability Introduction This research paper is aimed towards understanding the corporate ethics and accountability at the Co-operative. The reason which gives this research a place is due to the ideologies and principles set out within the companies policies, the importance of corporate strategy and the goals and objectives give rise to this topic. When looking into a global company with a single reality its shareholders and staff should all share a similar sentiment to its core values and purpose, although whether acting as part of a tertiary sector or emphasizing fair trade the ethical foundation could be easily compromised from a differed opinion. The aims of this investigation is to compare and contrast the Co-operatives policies with another company of high sustain-ability value and decide from this whether it is extensive enough, also to apply some attention to how precise staff follow ethical policies from other companies to form a more in depth view. The reason for using these methods to gain the information is due to the reliability of forming an external view which can be applied to all companies, also with primary data being absent due to the companies recent losses being of focus it is the best available form of data. Methodology Observations Reviewing a set of policies in place from several companies respected web sites the extensiveness will be assessed through reliability, governance, distinguish policy goal achievements and evaluate the effectiveness through means of implementation and multidisciplinary efforts. This will show true integrity of the Co-operatives policies and give new insight to its strengths and weaknesses, also give suggestions on how to amend any lacking areas th... ... middle of paper ... ...nced both management and front line staff, from opinions and suggestion by employees a clear incentive to be motived and gain some form of reciprocy is needed. Furthermore, misconduct while damaging to the company has opened new grounds on which to re build both consumer and interpersonal relations. Advertisements failed to reach out to any demographic other than urban tattoo enthusiasts, less profound messages and clear indiction toward the company changing for better is needed and wanted by people externally. I predict further involvement and dedication without aiming other market areas when one fails there is chance of both forgiveness and understanding from the public eye, one mans [sic] mistakes may have influenced a company towards misconduct but like people businesses make mistakes; even if said mistake was employing and empowering an un-ethical individual.

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