Corporal Punishment in Schools

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Canes. Paddles. Belts. A hand. All of these can be used as weapons. Not weapons of war, however. These are examples of weaponry used against our youth in 19 states. Corporal punishment, or punishment administered by an adult (as a parent or a teacher) to the body of a child ranging in severity from a slap to a spanking. Currently 119 countries have banned corporal punishment in schools, including every European country with addition to Canada. Even with the example being set by countries the United States is closely related to, the movement for a complete ban barely half-way complete. Over time, research has suggested effects from this form of discipline will leave harming, lasting effects upon the student. This combined with the unconstitutional nature of corporal punishment administered to students are why we should finally ban it across the country.
The concept of ‘firm but fair’ is frequently utilized to portray ideal punishment - but is it fair? Is it effective to use corporal punishment in schools? Is it right to use canes, paddles, belts, and our hands to hurt children for any reason? I’m here to show that not only is it unsuccessful and hypocritical to use aggression on aggressive or misbehaving kids; it's counter-productive. The thought is that if an adolescent is misbehaving- not doing assignment and talking to friends- then a strong spanking will inspire them to fix their behavior. Still, many side-effects tend to result from such harsh leadership.
While researching corporal punishment, I came across a few stories involving children whom experienced these tough situations.
One of these situations involved a girl named Jenny who had done something wrong to deserve the maximum of 12 lashes with a cane. This would have ...

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...nt. How can we expect people beaten down as children to rise up as adults in society at a consistent rate? I’ll end with a quote by Ellen Key, "Corporal punishment is as humiliating for him who gives it as for him who receives it; it is ineffective besides. Neither shame nor physical pain have any other effect than a hardening one.”

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