Corporal Punishment In Bring Back Flogging By Jeff Jacoby

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For the past hundreds of years, the living conditions of our society have changed dramatically. With the help of many activists, U.S. citizens have become liberated and powerful enough to stop and revise unfair and cruel institutions. For example, about a 150 years ago the puritans used flogging as method of punishment. It was a quick and painful punishment that instilled fear among the people. As people became more privileged with the freedom of speech many complaints had been sent to congress that it was inhumane and cruel. Therefore, they had eventually banned flogging and decided to use prison as a corporal punishment. After many years passed, in 1997, Jeff Jacoby decided to explain his thoughts towards prison in his essay “Bring Back Flogging” in a satirical way of the reintroduction of flogging. Jacoby believes that our present corporal punishment is ineffective in many ways and a quick and cheaper alternative should be presented. I believe that Jacboy’s argument is effective because he is trying to revise a system that will benefit U.S. citizens. Jacoby notes a few…show more content…
He also provides solutions that are worth considering, “why not sentence at least some criminals- say thieves and drunk drivers- to a public whipping.”(198) I agree with this statement because people that have committed petty crimes do not deserve the same treatment as murderers and rapist. I do believe they should be punished, but in a more meaningful way. There are plenty of other options such as probation or parole that can be taught as a meaningful lesson especially to petty offenders that will be considered as a second chance to learn from their mistakes. I believe many people do not really take this intro consideration, but when money is involved then things become a huge

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