Corporal Punishment Essay

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The use of corporal punishment is not effective, and can have negative long term effects on children. Of the many different forms of discipline, corporal punishment is one of them. This act of punishment can be defined as the intentional infliction of pain on the body, usually done on children by spanking or with a paddle. Though there are parents who still do this in their household, it is not necessary or very effective long-term. Being that it is a true public health issue in the United States, both the society that we live in and the mental health of children are clearly at stake when it comes to physical punishment. It is important that parents and legal guardians understand what their limits are and if physical punishment should be acceptable today.
Ask yourself one thing: why do we spank children? Well, it’s simple, because we believe that it
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They live on the belief that it must only do more good than it does harm, and that only good things come out of corporal punishment. It can be argued that the infliction of pain on the child can pose major risk of harm done to them. It is not morally right to hold the child accountable for the problem, because not all children are completely developed mentally or physically enough to know the difference from right and wrong. Many who argue against this issue believe that it is a violation of children’s rights to bodily security. Studies show that since the ban of corporal punishment on children in Sweden schools in 1979 there has been a huge decrease in the use of it. It was said that 51% of all preschool children had experienced corporal punishment in 1980, only 8% had by 2000. This goes to show that the criminal prohibition of this punishment can reduce these
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