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In Alice LaPlante article, The Making of a Story, she discusses what characters may be able to go mentally and emotionally through throughout the span of a story. The decisions that a character takes give the reader more information about not only the character’s true intensions but also the author. When LaPlante writes, “how a character behaves, both alone and in response to actions from other characters, is a critical aspect of characterization” (LaPlante, 425) she does not consider that fact that the author of a story may be including a deeper meaning behind a character actions. In Cormac McCarthy’s novel, No Country for Old Men, the author creates his characters in order to show a new perspective regarding good versus evil. The story revolves …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how alice laplante's article, the making of a story, discusses what characters may be able to go through mentally and emotionally. cormac mccarthy creates extreme personalities for different characters in his novel, no country for old men.
  • Analyzes how cormac mccarthy portrays llewelyn moss as a man who is skilled in numerous things. he is naive and foolish because he doesn't realize his fate until it's too late.
  • Analyzes how anton chigurh is the antagonist and unstoppable force in mccarthy's novel. he is unpredictable and recapturing the drug money that moss stole by doing anything necessary.
  • Analyzes how sheriff bell is the most neutral character in cormac mccarthy's novel. he doesn't make any direct interaction with moss or chigurh, but he still wants to save them.
  • Analyzes how cormac mccarthy creates his characters by using various personalities to reflect his personal views regarding life and the world. chigurh holds the same beliefs as mccarthy regarding a person’s life choices and how those choices can affect the future.
  • Analyzes how mccarthy does not support llewelyn moss' duty as a husband by letting him die, leaving his wife in danger. sheriff bell is always one step behind chigurh.
  • Analyzes how cormac mccarthy's novel displays a new perspective on the world, and it is very different from other novels regarding good versus evil.

In Benjamin Mangrum’s article about the deeper meaning behind the novel, No Country for Old Men, he says, “Chigurh’s [actions] reveals both his skepticism regarding the notion of individual uniqueness and his relativization of personal violation” (Mangrum, 118). Cormac McCarthy uses this idea as the basis of his story and he creates certain characters that revolve around this belief. The author supports the idea that not everyone in this world is actually unique, and that life will still continue even if something bad happens to these people, and he believes that there are other factors that determine a character’s fate. McCarthy uses these principles to create a character that views life consisting of choices and regards every life as unimportant when compared to a larger scale. Chigurh speaks the about the same principal that the author believes in when he says, “every moment in your life is a turning and every one a choosing. Somewhere you made a choice [...] a person's path through the world seldom changes and even more seldom will it change abruptly. And the shape of your path was visible from the beginning” (McCarthy, 157). Chigurh holds the same beliefs as McCarthy regarding a person’s life choices and how those choices can affect the future. The author supports Chigurh’s beliefs that a person is not that unique or special and that life will continue even if that person is not alive anymore. For example, Llewelyn Moss is considered to be the protagonist in this story, but the author decides to kill this character off not even halfway through the novel. To the reader, Moss’ death would be really important because the story cannot continue without the main protagonist. However, McCarthy proves that life will continue no matter what happens, and that the story won’t end just because of the death of one

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