Core Values Of The United States Army As A Soldier And My Work Ethic

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For the last three years and two month I have upheld the core values of the United States Army as a soldier and my work ethic has never been doubted until now. Since station at Fort Wainwright (2013), I have fulfilled my obligations and carried out my assigned task with the utmost loyalty for it is understood that the Unites States Army is a complex combination of missions, task and responsibility in perpetual motion. As such, I became skilled in the predated system called ‘Sams box or Sams-e.’ Furthermore, my MOS sometimes requires malleability on a task without compromising the mission, also at times; a task requires critical thinking, quick decision, organizational skill, and software knowledge. Moreover, on January 6, 2014 as part of the 6-17 Echo Company, I had the opportunity to go to NTC where my technical skills, combat skills, CLS skills were tested for the operation at hand during the training. In addition, I helped set up tents, our expando van (our office) and V-set, which allowed us to communicate with headquarter via satellite to order parts required to continue and complete the mission assigned. During NTC, I learned to do my duty with integrity and selfless service; to go a little further, endure a little longer, and look a little closer to see how he or she can add to the effort. In conjunction with NTC as part of 6-17 Echo Company, there was never a time where I was tardy to physical training, always arrived to area of operation on time even though I lacked transportation, and had always performed my MOS proficiently. Aside from carrying out my daily task, I was trained as a combat Life Saver that would enable me to do first aid response for injured soldiers while in combat. Such course gave me the opportu... ... middle of paper ... ...s without struggles and adversary. In conclusion, as Army Regulation 601-280 Chapter 1, Paragraph 1-7 states, “DA policy is that only those Soldiers who have maintained a record of acceptable performance will be offered the privilege of reenlisting within the Active Army, transferring, or enlisting into the Reserve Components.” My service to the United States Army, as previously stated, falls into the AR 601-280-1-1-7 standards and does not identifies me as horrible, bad, or a distasteful soldier that would hinder the company’s mission in any possible way. Au contraire to other NCO’s perception, I am always optimistic despite oppositions and threats and not the person portrayed in the Bar to Reenlistment counseling packet. Lastly, as the Army Core Value dictates, a person should stand up and act upon the things that are honorable, thus the purpose of this document.
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