Core Values Of Coca Cola

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Coco cola is a giant beverage company that really focuses down on its mission, nurturing their relationship with their global network of

customers. They believe that their “roadmap” starts with their mission which consists of three main factors mainly “to refresh the world”

, “to inspire moments of optimism and happiness” and “to create value and make a difference”. Rooting down deep on their core values,

they believe that by making a great work zone, people will enjoy their work thus bringing out their very best. Satisfy the customers’ needs

at the same time by ensuring their products are always at the peak of their quality and maintaining a healthy relationship with their

partners all over the world. They not only ensures that their
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Coca cola believes in their own accountability of the work they do and their

commitment towards their passion driving them to their success. Being accountable for their products, they ensure that their products are

always at the top of the quality chart. The values are always the back bone of a company. One can judge whether a company is strong

enough to surpass their competitors just by studying their values. Coca cola’s values are very deep down to the ground. By having clear

and realistic values, coca cola is a success today in this industry. A company needs a strong leader who is capable of making important

decisions and has the courage to lead a company. Without the presence of a strong leader, a company can fall very hard. Coca cola is

aware of the importance of the leadership skills in a company. So where do great leadership skills come from?. Great leadership comes

from the talented and well organized people. Putting a sense of integrity inside them, a company is able to manage them. A company

always needs to maintain a certain level of integrity as it is used to indicate the morale of individuals. By raising the integrity of
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So how do they react to their feedbacks?. Coca cola is

willing to listen to any feedbacks from their consumers and are ready to observe and learn. They are always curious, about their work and

very careful with their executions in the new markets and daily marketplace. By making sure with the executions, high quality of work can be

ensured by gaining the trust from new customers and existing customers. A company which is not afraid of feedbacks will always strive their

way towards victory. Feedbacks are room for improvements and ideas. To react according to feedbacks can be hard but the outcome can be

rewarding. Working smart is another step towards success. Coca cola works smart by acting with urgency whenever it is needed where they

are always ready to respond to any changes, and by having the confidence to change the course according to the situation. A company that is

aware of situational changes in the market never fails. It is essential for a business to always go with the flow and discover effective and

efficient way of doing business. Coca Cola is always aware of their employee performance and makes sure that their employees are
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