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School officials called the police when they heard Cho gunning people down at Virginia Tech. They called the police because they had guns that could stop Cho. Were guns the problem or the solution that day? The answer is that Cho was the problem and guns were the solution. If law abiding students were allowed to carry then their guns would have been the solution delivered long before so many innocent students were killed waiting for the police to arrive” (Gillespie, n.d.) Like in the instance when James Strand stopped Andrew Wurst from reloading his gun and going back into the school dance and shooting more kids (Broderick, 2013). Which was just one of many instances of citizens who have stopped mass shootings from occurring. Guns are needed for protection. They’re not only needed to protect ourselves, but to protect other people as well. Advocates for gun control constantly put gun owners down saying “Why do you feel the need to have a gun for protection?” Then ignorant gun control advocates add on by saying “I understand that if the other person had a gun, you'd need one, or you'd be ill prepared for a burglar. But, if both weren’t allowed to have a gun, then you could just fight each other with your physical strength from gym, or MMA, karate etc. or you could use less harmful weapons such as a knife or bat” (No, 2014) Maya Angelou once said “I do like to have guns around. I don't like to carry them. But I like - if somebody is going to come into my house and I have not put out the welcome mat, I want to stop them” (Angelou, n.d.). Maya Angelou is an old women that turns 86 on April 5th and I assure you any young man breaking into her house would win the fist to fist battle, but since Maya has a gun she is now protected. An add... ... middle of paper ... ...y had carried a firearm. Let’s says Anti-Gun promoters win. I wonder want they would say if somebody confronted their family with a now illegal gun. I promise you they will not say “You’re not supposed to have that” personally id be changing my views pretty quick. My views are very heavily rooted in the fact that I don’t want to die. Sometimes I reflect on all the havoc guns cause and wonder if I should continue to support them but I realize that to stop this madness you have to be able to defeat it and there is no way I’m going to be bringing a knife to a gun fight. The best argument for guns will always be protection. I realize we have cops to protect us but what are you going to do when someone breaks into your house with a gun? Ask them to wait for the cops to get there? It’s a ma eat man world and if you don’t want to be devoured you need to protect yourself

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