Coping With Stress

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College is all about accomplishing schoolwork at the wee hours, and waking up early in the morning to run errands; surviving college requires diligence, and is definitely stressful. Many researchers have their own definition of stress, but the primary definition of stress is it is a subjective feeling produced by events perceived as being threatening and uncontrollable. Similarly, there are a number of events that can be stressful to people from minor to chronic events, and these events that cause people to be stressed out is called stressors. There are three types of stressors, namely: minor hassles, major life changes, and catastrophic events. Minor hassles occur every day, for example, completing an overdue assignment; whereas major life events include having an unborn child at the wrong time or death of a family member; lastly, the 9/11 suicide attack is an example of a catastrophic event. Stress research began in 1956, when Hans Selye a Canadian Physician published the book The Stress of Life. In addition, Selye was the first Scientist to try to figure out how external stressors such like noise, pollution, work demand, traffic jam, and family problems make people ill. Selye later described the body’s response to external stressors as the General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS). GAS is a series of physiological responses to stressors that occur in three stages, namely: alarm, resistance, and exhaustion. The alarm stage is also known as the “fight-or-flight” stage; the resistance stage where individuals who are stressed out will experience more energy; and if the resistance stage continues in an extended period of time, the exhaustion stage will come in where the energy of the individuals is depleted, which may lead to illness... ... middle of paper ... ...he future. From surviving heavy traffic to paying electricity and water bills, it seems that there is no way to escape from stress! Through the help of the new ideas, I have learned that I am the one who has more control in my life, and that I just have to learn how to cope and manage stress. From now on I will not use the following styles so that I can be successful in managing stress: procrastination, fear of facing problems, oversleeping, venting my stress on other people, and taking stress pills. I usually use these tools whenever I feel distressed, and they somewhat helped me, but they can cause damage after a period of time. In brief, as Selye believes “some negative stress is simply unavoidable; it’s called life!” instead of being sulky, just have fun and enjoy life, and you will never know it that you can handle stressors easier this way.

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