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During the 1700’s it was a time when people came up with new ideas about how we function in the world. The Enlightenment was a revolution because they had new ideas about consent to government and the equality of man. A revolution is where there is a wide-change idea on how something works by people. The ideas that had been had never really been tested until now, another reason why this is a revolution. From John Locke to Thomas Hobbes each Enlightenment thinker had a different perspective on how the world should work, but each one believed that humans should be given more and should be treated better.
The Enlightenment Thinkers believed that in order to rule country, you had to get consent from the people. When a government is selected without the people’s input it is wrong. The whole point of the government for them to look over and keep watch their citizens. Before then, all the kings were “appointed” by God without question. Most of the time the people would like him, but they never got the chance to appoint someone who they think would do well. One of the most famous Enlightenment Thinker was John Locke. In one of his writing, Second Treatises of Government he talked about how governments should work. John Locke says, “The reason why men enter into society is the preservation of their property; and the end while they choose and authorize a legislative is that there may be laws made, and rules set… to limit the power and moderate the dominion of every part and member of the society.” (Sec. 222) John was a big believer that a good government only happened when he was appointed by the people. Locke thinks that man will give their property and trust into a king that they specifically pick. Back then, it was absurd for a king t...

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...ent strangers from leaving; that species of tyranny has no place in our customs or our laws. All men are free. Leave whenever you want.” (49) The King has no rights over the strangers because everyone is equal. To someone who lives in our society, it does not make that much sense; but if you think about it, of everyone is equal to each other then are no disputes over power. Equality of man is a new and revolutionary idea because until this idea was introduced, the nobles had power over the lower class. The merchants and the peasants would not be mistreated causing a better society.
The Enlightenment Thinkers were revolutionary with there ideas. What people did not know was that these ideas would be used down the road and they have worked. Society is better now than it was during the 1700’s. These men brought the ideas of consent from the people, and equality of man.
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