Conversion and Departure between Science and Social Science

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What are the point of conversion and departure between science and social science? Are the two sciences above use scientific methods? And what my opinion on this point? What do we mean when we say that we know some thing? What are the sources of knowledge? If we take the example of part of science that is medicine, we can know that there are different source of knowledge such as personal experience of our won bodies, observation of others, our families, friends" you do look ill", popular culture, bad cough and complementary health practice such as "holistic medicine." Medical knowledge of the general practitioner, we expect the doctor to have access to expert knowledge. This is socially sanctioned "because he describes drugs and treatment to which patients would not other wise have access." Evidence from "X-ray" diagnosis, experiments, observations, instruments, add new knowledge to the patient and the doctor. Another source of knowledge is the language and practices that create knowledge. The specialist language of the doctor produces meaning that has medically recognized status, such language is increasingly entering into the discourses of common sense. We need to ask questions, look for evidence, interpret this evidence and using this interpretation to act, ant to change our understanding of the world. All knowledge requires some social expression and socially accepted meaning, but some has more status than others. The doctor has specialized medical knowledge that the patient lacks. The specialized knowledge is a collection of evidence and theories about how they can best be treated. But the general public also has knowledge of medicine "a common-sense" knowledge that is of a rather different kind. Significan...

... middle of paper ... Society accepted everything from Newton's laws of motion of stones report on the affect of willow bark on fever. Indeed, if the history of medical knowledge tells us anything, it is that a lack of diversity is more likely to lead to science becoming a series of revolutions. Today, with the acceptance of complementary rather than alternative medicine, there is a diversity of system of medical knowledge available.

Scientific knowledge is not opposed to social science or to common sense knowledge, but is interrelated. Science began as a new method to rationalize and prove knowledge - much of it common - sense knowledge. With an apparent objectivity. However, scientists are members of a society, and the society in which they live shapes and constrains the scientific knowledge they produce. Science is not separate form society, but a part of it.
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