Conventional Shopping and Online Shopping

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Computer has brought about amazing revolution in the life around in the present day world. Its use, now it so seems, has become a necessity, and has created for itself indispensability. Internet has transformed the life and information technology. It is a melting pot of so many technologies which provides multi-media information facilities at low cost and great speed. The approaching trend on the internet now is online shopping. It is a process in which one can buy or sell items online via the internet. It has many advantages, but is not always the best way to shop.
Online shopping can be an easy alternative to leaving the house and going to a specific shop. It enables the elderly and the disables people to purchase the products and the services that they need. It also cuts a lot of hassle and energy of going to the store but may also result in an expensive buying due to shipping and handling charges. “Constant connectivity, contextual relevance, and a multi-screen world are changing both online and offline shopping” (Ramaswamy, 1). E bay and Amazon are the two most renowned and trusted websites for shopping online. Conventional shopping in the brick and mortar building entails leaving home to jostle with the traffic, crowds, and long queues. It erases the stress of having to wait in huge lines and dealing with the incompetent cashiers. Its ability to allow users to compare items at different stores online is incredibly straightforward and effective. Those retailers making use of tools from the net have a chance to stand out in today’s market. Smart retailers need to be there when inspiration strikes consumers and they start searching for their purchases online. According to Sridhar Ramaswamy, it also enables the retailers to pro...

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