Controvesy of Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Performance enhancing drugs have become a controversial topic in today’s sport society. Numerous elite athletes from a wide range of sports such as swimming, soccer, rugby league have issues with the use of performance enhancing drugs. Current times suggest that athletes have managed to push the boundaries of greatness in performance and physical fitness. Athletes in the modern world use performance enhancing drugs because it increases the testosterone production in the body. Elite athletes use these types of drugs because of physical enhancement, bigger body mass, improves strength, endurance, and performance. Some athletes use performance enhancing drugs because it helps them recover quicker from injuries. An example is Sandor Earl who used peptides to speed up his recovery from injury. The legal responses in drugs in sport are the laws, community service, court order for rehabilitation. The non-legal responses to drugs in sport are the media, lobby groups, and education. The effectiveness of legal and non legal responses in achieving justice in relation to this issue.

The legal response in drugs in sports are laws. Laws are trying to prevent elite athletes to use performance enhancing drugs to increase their physical ability because it is cheating. If the person who is accused of using performance enhancing drugs found guilty, there will be heavy penalties such as removal of the game, facing suspension from a couple of years to life, and depending on the situation it could lead to criminal charges and time in prison. The law is significantly being effective in preventing any future performance enhancing drug use because the heaver the fine and suspension, the more scared the athletes are going to try. The law is also effectiv...

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... enhancing drugs wouldn’t stop using just because a group of people holding posters that drugs are bad.

The last legal response to drugs in sport is education. Education can teach young athletes that are becoming elite that performance enhancing drugs is not the way of succeeding in sport. School teachers are now teaching the side effects of taking performance enhancing drugs like steroid and discussing the negatives of drugs. Coaches and training staff from professional teams can have a team meeting educating the players about the disadvantages of drugs that heavily outweighs the advantages. Education is significantly effective in achieving justice on in relation to drugs in sport because it can teach athletes from all ages that drugs are bad and can ruin your life. Hopefully, the education can prevent athletes from planning to take performance enhancing drugs.
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