Controversy Surrounding The Blair Witch Project

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Controversy Surrounding The Blair Witch Project

There is much controversy surrounding the legend of the Blair Witch. This is all brought on by the latest movie and book called The Blair Witch Project. Is this interesting movie and book real? Is the legend real? That is what we all are wondering. Through careful reading of the book and careful examination of the movie a conclusion is ready to be made.

The movie is a documentary. Three student filmmakers in search of the truth of the Blair Witch make it. These three students head into the Black Hills of Maryland in search of the sites of supposed occurrences and in search of the Blair witch herself. The story goes that they went into the woods and were never seen again. That is until a year later when their amateur film footage was discovered.

Heather Donahue headed them up. She was a senior trying to write a thesis paper. She was majoring in journalism and she wanted something spectacular. Her idea was to go into the woods for a few days and then come out with some incredible footage. She got incredible footage but she didn’t come out. She was interested in the Blair Witch because of stories that her Grandfather had told her.

Joshua Leonard assisted her. He was also a filmmaker who had graduated from Montgomery Community College. Michael Williams was also assisting the two of them. He was the youngest in the group. Joshua brought him in because he had access to filming equipment. He joined the trip because he figured “he could learn something from Josh and the experience” (pg. 87)

The three of them set out to Burkittsville, the present day site of the former town of Blair. Blair was abandoned in November of nineteen hundred and seventy six. They began by interviewing many people in the town to find out what the town’s consensus on the legend was. They were actually sent to a few people who they were told could give them information on some occurrences. These people however turned up to be kind of crazy so what they said were not taken too seriously.

The legend of the Blair Witch as they found it goes about as follows.
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