Controversy Over School Testing and Exit Exams for High School

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There has always been controversy on whether exit exams should be required for a high school student’s graduation. Exit exams cause narrow statewide curriculum, too much emphasis on a single test, stress for the students, and stress for the teachers trying to reach state score standards; however on the optimistic view, standardized testing assures that students work harder, schools discover areas of weakness, and allows schools to improve performance. Exit exams hurt students who pass or fail them.Placing so much importance on one test, that is currently at a tenth grade level is asinine. These tests are supposed to help us improve, strengthen the students weaknesses, and give the students a better understanding of the subject they are learning; not keep them at a level that will never prepare them for anything. Too much emphasis on a single test gets students nowhere. Many critics say that high school graduates are unprepared for college, because of this testing many graduates go to college unprepared. The students then have to take remedial courses, because they can not handle college level work(chronicle 1). These tests are to prepare students for the classes and work ahead, but all the do is hold students back. Many teachers fear that they are sending the students into secondary education unprepared. If these tests are meant to help students with their future, but fail so miserably at doing so then why have them at all? This is the growing question in the students, teachers and parents mind. If these are meant to help why haven’t the students seen results?
Not only do students focus on a single test, but are the teachers and stress causing the students to feel stressed? It has been proven that theses standardized te...

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...ents (which can damage their health); does not sound in anyway helpful. Teachers and students both agree that this testing should be done away with. Teachers boycotting tests, and quitting their jobs because they believe they do not offer results. The reason for theses tests are to make a student more knowledgeable, and a head start for college, but they keep the students at a tenth grade level with each test. Even if the student is promoted to the next grade,the student will not be introduced to the education they require. If these tests do not give what is promised, then why have them?
If the state, teachers, students, and schools focus more on education and less on state tests standards; then the teachers will have done their job. Students will be ready for college and their future careers. Students will have attained the education we seek to give them.
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