Controversy Over Federal Minimum Wage

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People say minimum wage is a good thing; some people say it’s a bad thing. Barack Obama made a move to increase the minimum wage for federal contractors. This has started an ongoing controversy in America right now.
Minimum wage has been around for over 75 years. On October 21st 1938 it launched off with a price of twenty-five cents per hour. Minimum wage has been a great resource to this country and it had its final growth on July 24th 2009. As stated on the United Stated Department of Labor website, the FLSA federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour at this time. Also, the employees must collect overtime pay for any hours worked after 40 hours per week.
It isn’t all that simple though, although they passed that law the 1938 minimum wage was not for everyone. The minimum wage only covered employees for interstate commerce . Throughout the following years, the wages varied and changed. Not everyone received the same amount of money. In 1961 the government started being more lenient on things and gave minimum wages to workers in large retail. Then again in 1966 government extended the coverage to even more places but this time it included farms. The wages increased and increased until January 1st 1978. This is where wages changed and the same wage amount was given to all covered, nonexempt workers. That is where we are now.
The Barack Obama controversy has its pros and cons. Everybody is choosing sides and now I will talk about the different political and public views of this dispute. President Barack Obama acknowledged raising the minimum wage as way to help the income gap in America. This was fine for some people but many Republicans and business organizations believe it should remain untouched. On the other hand, Democrats supp...

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...en convinced that it would be a good thing. We need change in the country and maybe this would be a good one. Working is a hard now a day, nobody working his or her butt off and putting in a ton of hours and even putting in over time deserves to be financially unstable. The least thing to do is to get a good starting off minimum wage. If a lot of states are already raising their minimum wage, then most states are bound to do it too. It’s only a matter of time until congress changes the minimum wage. It wont stay like this forever.

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