Controversial U.S. Laws: Are the Laws Propagating Crime?

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Controversial U.S. Laws: Are the Laws Propagating Crime?

Every law has its own history, and most of the laws have some or the other positive and negative points. Some laws give too much freedom and some laws restrict every movement, but there should be a constricting line drawn somewhere to define a law in a specific manner. A law should never be misused to hurt human beings, but the “Stand Your Ground Law” has raised some recent controversies because of the Zimmerman vs. Martin case. Sari Horwitz says in her article, “Holder: Justice Dept. will soon announce decision on Zimmerman civil rights charges” , that civil rights charges will be brought against George Zimmerman who shot at an unarmed 17 year old black , and unfortunately the shot proved fatal. The Zimmerman vs. Martin case has raised many questions about the Stand Your Ground Law, the veracity of the version given by the accused, crime rate, racism, the duties of a law enforcement officer and the future of America and the security of American citizens, especially the minority.

Stand Your Ground Law is a Florida Law that allows armed citizens to shoot strangers they feel threatened by, even if their encounter with this stranger happens in a pubic place rather than on private property. Different people have different opinions about this law, and its enactment in several states because people doubt that this law may increase violent crime, while other people have an opposite opinion. This controversial law is at the center of Zimmerman vs. Martin case. I believe that if “Stand Your Grand Law” is enacted in several states it will definitely increase violent crime. The Law may have been implemented with the best of intentions, but unfortunately it gives excessive rights to...

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...define self-defense and clearly state the extent of the victim too because human life is very precious, whether it be of the attacker or the victim and that is the reason we have prisons. If everyone starts killing in self-defense, there is no need to have prisons.

The Zimmerman vs. Martin case has led to many controversies about the present legal situation in America. Already the country is going through difficult times because of the increasing crime rate and the never-ending problem of racism, and on top of that the laws of the country have become controversial. It is time to think again about laws like “Stand Your Ground” and “Self-defense” and make definite amendments so that cases like Zimmerman Vs. Martin do not occur again and every citizen of America, whether he belongs to majority or minority population, should feel secure and safe even without a gun.
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