Controversial Topics: Legalizing Marijuana

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Marijuana, used by almost 100 million Americans, is the third most favored recreational drug in America. Legalizing marijuana has been a controversial topic of discussion in the media, general popular culture, and government. The War on Drugs, more specifically the War on Marijuana, has been an strenuous, ongoing battle for decades. The benefits of legalizing marijuana, such as the economic and business gain, the extension of medical marijuana research, and controversial recreational uses, outweigh the risk of addiction and other negative side effects. The actions taken by the government, both for and against the legalization of marijuana, are an attempt to resolve the controversial usage of this popular drug. People favor the legalization of marijuana for its various benefits such as its medical uses, recreational use, lowering the number of drug dealers and users in jail and on the street, and the more efficient regulation of marijuana legalization would bring. Marijuana has been used as a treatment for many illness and ailments, such as glaucoma, nausea, Tourette’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, and even side effects of cancer. Research suggest that its therapeutic use has increased tremendously in just twenty years. In 1992, roughly 93,000 people were treated with marijuana, while by 2010, 353,000 people were treated using medicinal marijuana (“Arguments For And Against The Legalization Of Marijuana” 1). Those who choose to smoke marijuana for recreational pleasure are demonstrating free will. The effects of smoking marijuana include an increased heart rate, an altered state of mind, elevated mood, euphoria, and relaxation. (However, these side effects only last a few hours.) Legalizing marijuana would lead to the... ... middle of paper ... ... Legalizing Marijuana Is a Smart Fiscal Move." N.p., 8 Jan. 2014. Web. 28 Mar. 2014. legalizing-marijuana-is-a-smart-fiscal-move>. Hawkins, John. "5 Reasons Marijuana Should Remain Illegal." N.p., 21 Jan. 2014. Web. 28 Mar. 2014. should-remain-illegal-n1782086/page/full>. Swift, Art. "For First Time, Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana." N.p., 22 Oct. 2013. Web. 28 Mar. 2014. time-americans-favor-legalizing-marijuana.aspx>. Szalavitz, Maia. "Marijuana as a Gateway Drug: The Myth That Will Not Die." Time, 29 Oct. 2010. Web. 28 Mar. 2014. that-will-not-die/>.
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