Controversial Parenting Techniques

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1977 words

In today's world there are numerous controversial topics. One that falls under the radar commonly is parenting techniques. Even if the thought is not orally expressed, everyone thinks they know the best way to raise a child. Who knows all the correct answers in parenting? It would be ignorant to believe a single person does. There are multiple aspects to parenting; discipline, education, moral values, and protection. Parents play a vital role by influencing children during their growth. David Bly said,"Your children will become what you are; so be what you want them to be." This should be taken into consideration by each parent. Sadly, however, this is not always the case. Those who do abide by this should continue to do so, thus, making productive parenting more common. The future generations depend on it.

Humans are complex beings. However, a child could be seen as more complex due to the fact that they are ignorant to many facts about life. This causes them to be influenced by various actions they see, and some of these actions may result in negative consequences. At this point, the parental figure is expected to appoint the discipline. Discipline can affect a child physically or mentally/emotionally.

Physical discipline is commonly thought of when the word discipline is mentioned. Many people find this punishment acceptable and effective. On the contrary, some view it as brutal and unnecessary. Physical punishment is used to discourage certain actions. The thought is that if a child is spanked, for instance, they will remember the spanking the next time they consider replaying the act that caused the punishment. Fear is a large factor here. The human race normally does not repeat actions that have negative consequences. I...

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...reatable! In defense of themselves the Twitchell’s declared that they merely thought their son had a nasty case of influenza. Despite this, a trial was summoned and the Court convicted the couple of involuntary manslaughter, however, the Supreme Court determined the conviction to be only ten years of probation. The couple has three other remaining sons, and the Court mandated that the other boys have periodical medical checkups. Having beliefs is a right of the people of the United States, but when in it endangers the welfare of a child, something must be done. A parent should have the instinct of wanting to provide the best care for their child. The father was quoted as saying, “If medicine could have saved him, I wish I had turned to it.” Their children are young humans who are their responsibility, and it is their job to step up and be a sufficient parent.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how a mother admitted to smoking pot to calm herself around her toddler. she held true to this promise until her son's day that tried her patience.
  • Analyzes how a couple from manitoba had their children removed from the family home because the couple was teaching neo-nazi beliefs, as well as writing racist slogans on their daughter.
  • Analyzes how the twitchells were convicted of involuntary manslaughter after a young boy became sick and died from acute peritonitis.
  • Argues that discipline is essential in the development of a child, but some adults take it too far.
  • Explains that a child's goal should be to stay in school and excel, and that parents must be decent role models.
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