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Karolyi once said, “” A gymnastics meet is like a hunt, in a way. It’s you against them. To win, first you make your girls strong. Then they’ll jump higher. Work them hard and they’ll perform better.”” (Gutman 43). Most people think of heroes being kind and loving. Karolyi was typically the exact opposite. What makes him a modern day hero is that Bela had nothing and came to the USA from Romania to train gymnasts the way he wanted to.
Karolyi, a famous gymnastics trainer, was born on September 13, 1942 to Nador and Iren in Cluj, Romania. Karolyi is the youngest of two. (Dana 2-3). It was just the four of them together.
Karolyi’s first job that he got was in a slaughter house. This is where he got involved in boxing (Cardoso 2). In his younger teens, Karolyi was also taught how to hammer throw. He made the record for it as well (Cardoso 2). Because Karolyi liked sports so much, he was kicked out of his parent’s house (Gutman 43). Karolyi was obviously very passionate about his sports.
Karolyi soon stopped with his boxing and enrolled in Cluj Technical College. There they did a bunch of sports, but ironically gymnastics became his weak spot. Karolyi met Marta Eross as college. Marta was the one who helped Karolyi in college, and they got married to each other on November 28,1963 (Cardoso 2).
The Karolyi’s were in New York City for an exhibition on March 30, 1981. They decided to stay there, but their daughter, who did not come with them, was in Romania (Gutman 44). When the Karolyi’s finally got to California, they eventually learned how to speak English (“Bela Karolyi” Notible 5). When they did not know English however, they were taught it through Sesame Street and soap operas. Andrea, their daughter, was left in Romania with t...

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... has the nation team members coming monthly, and has summer camps that he coaches at. I believe Karolyi has changed and is a truly amazing coach for all that he and his wife have overcome.

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