Controverse Interview Done by Pope Franois

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This article is one of the few analytical views of a series of controversial interviews by Pope Francis after his election as the first Non-European pope in 1300 years, and is a public entreaty to rekindle the spiritual dimension of the Church. The Church at present is resigned to worldly temptations, lust for power and the Church’s real mission of serving the poor and needy through a path of Catholic austerity is clearly diluted over time.
St. Francis’s papacy has been about advocating for the needs for a poor Church that is dedicated to the poor and is a symbol of peace, austerity and poverty. “Journalists have described Francis "the man who gives us this spirit of peace, the poor man” (Pope Francis: 'I would love a church that is poor, Mar. 16, 2013, Joshua J. McElwee).
Through the interview to the media, Francis is attempting to give a reminder call to Church authorities across the world, to wake up and understand the true mission and nature of the Church and what it stands for. Francis has called for drastic change of style of the Church and its papacy that is currently rife with scandals, intrigue and strife has underlined a moral path for the 1.2-billion-member Church. As per the Gospels, the true journey of a Church in the world lies in the service of the impoverished sections of the society and to work for the upliftment of mankind. Somewhere down the line, the virtues have been replaced by sins.
I agree with Francis and his curial reforms that seek transformation in the existing Church politics and bringing about more transparency in the crisis hit papacy. The Church as we know is an institution that spreads the message of divine mercy, charity and humility and value simplicity and divine love over pomp and grandeur. Ho...

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... bring the message of Jesus to a new and ever-changing world. Due to the constant evolving and changing acceptable “norms” in today’s society I consider myself somewhat of a contemporary Christian therefore drawn to Matthew’s gospel.
“While it is true that Pope Francis has downplayed some of the hot button issues: “abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptive method, it’s also true that in no way did he disavow them: “The teaching of the church, for that matter, is clear and I am a son of the church” (Church Must Find Balance, Pope Says, Or Fall Like Cards, Sep 2013, Krishnadev Calamur). These loopholes notwithstanding, Pope Francis contemporary and simplistic ideas for reform come as a breath of fresh air and I hope it create ripple large enough to create global support from all quarters of the society that is successful in bringing about a positive change.
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