Control Through Technology: Communication and Societal Dependence

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There is no doubt that technology plays a vital role in humanity’s world today. Everyday people use technology in new and inventive ways. Technology has more than assisted civilization in the use of medical necessities and communication worldwide. Without technology the people of today would be nonexistent; on the other hand, could the people today be classified as true individuals? An increasingly popular question today is perhaps technology is having too much involvement in humanity. In this day in age our society has become more dependent on the use of technology. How often is it that people can be seen with cellular phones in their hands? Has humanity reached a new era where people are seen more as a collective group rather than individuals gathered to create new inventions? In Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, the dystopia World State is controlled essentially through drugs and conditioning, all forms of technology. The concept of a utopian society has long since been a vision in the distant future; however, with progressing technology, perhaps a perceived utopia is possible with societal control through technology.

Technology can be considered much more than cellular phones, laptops, and the internet. Language, fire, and shelter can all be categorized as technology. The way we use technology is vital to the health, education, careers, and other aspects of our lives (Glidden 1). People thought of cavemen as hunters and gatherers and at some point we did achieve this, but only after we mastered tools and fire (“The Theory of Human Evolution” 2). Prehistoric humans had more animalistic characteristics rather than humanistic traits. The prehistoric humans invented perhaps the greatest invention yet, the idea of one. Progress t...

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