Contribution Of Tourism Essay

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Tourism is recognized as one of the biggest & fastest growing industry regarded for its highly contributing role in the global as well as national economy. Beside the economic importance of tourism it also has an impact & contribution on society, culture & natural environment. This contribution of tourism to the economic, socio-cultural & natural environment may be viewed in two ways both positive as well as negative. In order to achieve or maximize the positive contribution of tourism while at the same time minimizing its negative impact or in other way maximization of benefit of tourism while minimization of its cost towards the economy, society & its culture and natural environment is a big challenge faced by global tourism industry.…show more content…
while tourism’s contribution on cultural invigoration, its preservation, protection, revitalization & creating a feeling of pride among locals for its culture etc may be viewed as an important socio-cultural benefits. Beside these valuable contribution, its role to the host community & on their native people particularly for less privileged class is an important issue. It has been found that a large number of people are getting benefitted by serving as a casual labour in informal sectors like acting as cook, porter ,guide, washer man, sweeper, photographer…show more content…
It employ to nearly 8% of the global workforce generated directly/indirectly from tourism activity .
The export value of tourism accounted to be the fourth highest sharing more than 8% of worldwide export value of all international trade after fuel, chemical automotive products generating one trillion a year.
Value to the destinations:
 It has been revealed that , In over 150 nations which accounts to 83% of the total nations, tourism is the top five export earning source for them.
 While in case of more than 6o nations tourism ranked as No-1 export earners.
 In case of developing nations ,tourism is regarded as the main source of foreign exchange for nearly 38% of total developing nations worldwide.
 While around 50% of the world’s under developed nations are dependent on tourism as it remains in the main source of foreign exchange.
 It is also found that tourism generates 1.2 to 3.4 times more income on every US$ spent by tourist to the destination.
Source: UNESCO & UNEP,2008
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