Contributing to Theory: Independent, Mediating, Moderating and Dependent Variables

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Contributing to Theory: Independent, Mediating, Moderating and Dependent Variables Business environment are continuously changing and therefore influencing organizational effectiveness. Factors such as knowledge sharing, organization systems and data analytics can streamline how organization leverage result and optimize performance. According to Okyere-Kwakye, & Nor (2011), “knowledge management has changed the paradigm of most organizations by turning the organizational climate to be a learning block where knowledge is discovered, captured, shared and applied to maximize and actualize their goals and objectives” (p. 66). As a result, this paper will examine four research articles in an effort to gain meaningful insight and understand of research design. Bid Data and Organizational Value Today’s businesses are challenged by competition and the ability to maintained sustainability. As a result, leaders are must find new innovative ways to leverage performance and increase organization values. Business analytics in the form or big data is one of the approach leaders are using to leverage performance and value. The study by LaValle, Lesser, Shockley, Hopkins, & Kruschwitz, (2011) aim to take an in depth look at the relationship between information in the form of big data and organizational value. The Theory of the Research The theory of the research is that organization’s competitiveness and value is link to information data analytics. This means that in order for organization to be successful in today’s competitive business environment information and analytics must be engraved in the organization’s strategic plan. The key constructs is, organization value and analytics in terms of data or information. Furthermore, the study aims ... ... middle of paper ... ...Kinnon, D. P. (2009). A general model for testing mediation and moderation effects. Prevention Science, 10(2), 87-99. doi:10.1007/s11121-008-0109-6 Floridi, L. (2012). Big data and their epistemological challenge. Philosophy & Technology, 25(4), 435-437. doi: Gruzova, A. A. (2012). The role of the information service of an organization in introducing a corporate information system. Scientific and Technical Information Processing, 39(4), 199-203. doi: LaValle, S., Lesser, E., Shockley, R., Hopkins, M. S., & Kruschwitz, N. (2011). Big data, analytics and the path from insights to value. MIT Sloan Management Review, 52(2), 21-32. Okyere-Kwakye, E., & Nor, K. M. (2011). Individual factors and knowledge sharing. American Journal of Economics and Business Administration, 3(1), 66-72.

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