Contrasting the Aboriginal's View on the Environment and the European View on Managing Resources

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Aboriginal and non-aboriginal people are un-intentionally separated by many means. One such example would be the way each use their land and how they manage it, and different land uses stem from different values and morals. The biggest difference is that aborigines think of their environment and its inhabitants no lower than themselves, they live with the environment, take care of it, preserving the balance of ecosystems. Non-aboriginal people, however, think less about everything else and are more centred on their own wellbeing, comfort, and wealth.

Non-aboriginal people live apart from the natural world, not in it. They take advantage of the available resources, thinking less about fellow humans and even less about the potential damage it may bring about. Science in their world evolves to fit the needs and comforts of their own lives, and so European science expanded in every direction which could exploit the physical world for personal wellbeing and health.

Humans, like every other living organism, needs energy to survive. This source of energy can be consumed in many ways, but ingesting food is the main way to stay alive. Since humans are at the top of the food chain, Europeans seem to have taken great advantage over this and has harmed the environment and its inhabitants greatly over thousands of years. The biggest misconception that many people think that it’s quite okay to use up all the coal in the world, that we won’t taking the toll anyway, or, it doesn’t matter about global warming, leave that up to the next generation to deal with. As a result of this, these older generations have made life a lot harder for generations to come, thinking that it’s not their problem by choosing to leave them for next generations t...

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...cs prompt individuals to co-operate with fellow members with their community.

As such, Europeans manage their land less thoughtfully than Aboriginals do, simply because they seek ultimate comfort and wellbeing. Europeans should remember that our environment should not be sacrificed for personal wellbeing on such a large scale as to the whole world. This is why some people think aborigines way of living is primitive, when in fact they have a very complex way of thinking, just a way where environment comes first, nature must be considered before any action on land development takes place. Humans can still live in peace and balance with the environment while not making any significant sacrifices in wellbeing and comfort. This is something we must take on board to ensure our world is maintained in a physically stable and healthy state for future generations to occupy.

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