Contrasting Adam and Eve and Old Man and Old Woman

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Contrasting Adam and Eve and Old Man and Old Woman Chewing Blackbones’ Indian myth entitled "Old Man and Old Woman" is so similar to the well-known creation story of "Adam and Eve" from the Christian Bible that some readers see them as essentially the same. I do not, and a close examination reveals that the two stories differ in very important ways. The Indian myth "Old Man and Old Woman" begins, "Long, long ago, there were only two persons in the world: Old Man and Old Woman" (538). In the beginning of Christian creation story, the two characters, Adam and Eve, are also the only two people in the world. The characteristic that I found that shows a difference between the openings of the stories is the presence of God in "Adam and Eve." I noticed that in Chewing Blackbones’ Indian version there is no third party. The Indian myth does not explain how Old Man and Old Woman were created; it just states there were two people in the world, Old Man and Old Woman. The actual creation processes in both stories seem similar, yet they are actually very different from each ...
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