Contrastign Christianity and Islam

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Christianity and Islam Religions are what man or woman makes out of them. The difference between religions and faith are how people perceive it. For instance, religion is defined as a conviction. Anybody can have religion, but it takes faith to establish the religion. Furthermore, some religions started in the 19th century and were closely related to the older religions, such as Buddhism and Hinduism (Fisher). While some people believe in different and numerous gods, many believe in God, such as Christianity and Islam. In addition, while there is other religions that believe in one God, Christianity, and Islam are two of the major religions that share the some of the same beliefs. In addition, “the very existence of traditions pointing towards a common monotheism and the same messianic goal shared by Jews and Muslims together” (Shabir 13). However, each has a different perspective of who is the true prophet, Jesus or Muhammad. Even though both are thought as the last Prophets, Christianity and Islam may have similar beliefs, but by comparison and contrasting, one can be aware of what both religions have in common. For instance, “Christianity and Islam are strongly associated with modernity, in both its positive and its negative aspects” (Gausset 5). Furthermore, Islam, which “in its original meaning, complete, trusting surrender to God” (Fisher 431), is devoted totally to Muhammad because they believe Gabriel, an angel, spoke to him. Muslims believe Muhammad is the messenger for God. Christianity, which “is a faith based on the life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus” (Fisher 302). Christianity started with Jesus and many see him as the one God who walked in the flesh. In his death and resurrection, he left those w... ... middle of paper ... ... Pearson Learning Solutions, 01/2013 VitalBook File. Gausset, Quentin. "Islam Or Christianity? the Choices of the Wawa and the Kwanja of Cameroon." Africa (pre-2011) 69.2 (1999): 257-78. ProQuest. 3 May 2014 . Platti, Emilio. "Between Bible and Qur'an. the Children of Israel and the Islamic Self-Image (Studies in Late Antiquity and Early Islam). by Uri Rubin. Pp. 318. Princeton, Darwin Press, 1999." Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society 12.1 (2002): 79-140. ProQuest. Web. 20 May 2014. Shabir Ally. In Dialogues Concerning Jesus Christ the Messiah. whyislam. Web. 2011 Wright, James L. "The Mortal Soul in Ancient Israel and Pauline Christianity: Ramifications for Modern Medicine." Journal of Religion and Health 50.2 (2011): 447-51. ProQuest. 3 May 2014 .

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