Contrast Of Presidential Campaign Positions Of McCain And Obama

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Contrast of presidential *campaign positions of McCain and Obama. From year to year, presidential elections face many controversial problems that involve candidates’ personality and ideas, and they have a great influence on voters’ decisions. Many journalists and politicians express their feelings about upcoming presidential elections in provocative articles, revealing accomplishments of one and limitations of another, but the only right way to find out who our candidates are, and what are their real intentions, is to let them turn their ideas into life. Just remember the words of President George Bush during the 2000 campaign about building a nation. His position was very clear and stated that it is none of the government’s business, and what do we see now? The United States is currently involved in nation building in Iraq in a scale unseen since World War ll. It’s important to know what our politicians think about present situation in the country. Let’s discuss our candidates’ points of view to the major challenges facing America today to choose one who responds to present needs of American people. Another important question that needs to be discussed is economics, especially taxation policy. Senator Obama does not say many about taxation. His idea is to “cut income taxes by $1,000 for working families to offset the payroll tax they pay”, and to create “Making Work Pay” tax credit, where $500 per person and $1000 per working family are supposed to cover income tax expenses for 10 million people (Obama, Barack Obama|Change We Can Believe In|Economy, 2008). Obama is also going to simplify tax fillings, by providing ready forms with information collected from banks and employers. In contrast to Obama, John McCain has a width rang...

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...ugh there have been very serious reasons to wage this war, millions of Americans would have never support it, and I would be one of them. This fact makes me to take Mr. Obama’s side. Besides, as a young man, I believe in future of new and progressive technologies. I believe that once they will have grate positive influence on our society as, for example, digital technologies have had for the last 30 years, and I can find support of that in Senator’s Obama ideas. Finally Barack Obama finished his speech in Ohio saying that McCain represents “the politics of yesterday," while he promised that he represents "the party of tomorrow” (More Obama vs McCain - First Read -, 2008). And I tend to believe him. Work Cited (Obama, Barack Obama|Change We Can Believe In|Seniors, 2008) (McCain J. , McCain Tax Cut Plan, 2008) (McCain J. , Strategy for Victory in Iraq, 2008)

In this essay, the author

  • Compares the presidential campaign positions of mccain and obama, stating that the only way to find out who our candidates are is to let them turn their ideas into life.
  • Compares obama's tax policies with john mccain, who has a wide range of ideas for tax policy. obama has no word about tax increases in his economic issues section, and there is no secret about it.
  • Opines that both candidates have a variety of valuable ideas about trade policy and employment. mccain believes that society and government should make american education worthy and competitive.
  • Opines that obama leaves mccain one step beyond when he discusses plans concerning technology and innovation.
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