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Sparta and Athens are two city-states that clashed greatly with each other in Greece. The life in both of these Greek places very vastly differ from each other, and the great differences among these two city-states eventually led them to war. There were similarities and differences involving how each city state was politically, economically, culturally and socially. Along with these, the roles between Spartan and Athenian women differed as well. Sparta and Athens were both advanced and intelligent in their own ways which led each of them to find their own success. To begin, each of these Greek city states differed mostly in their political aspect of ruling. Sparta is located in Greece with a militaristic society which was ruled by two kings,…show more content…
Sparta was considered the ‘protector of the Greek’ because they are content with themselves and put out their army whenever it was needed. Spartans were known as warriors with the most intimidating army in Greece. Unlike the Spartans, the Athens wanted to take control of more land in Greece. Their difference in being content with their land and wanting more land led to the war between Sparta and Athens. Sparta has a powerful army and Athens had a powerful navy unit which Sparta did not. After the Peloponnesian War neither of their armies were as strong as they once were. In addition, the Spartans were said to have a ‘simple’ lifestyle while Athenians had a very ‘modern and open outlook’. Sparta people were forced to join the military since they focused so much on strengthening their great military. Spartans were not open to getting an education, that was not a priority. As an Athenian, you were open to an education and could follow up in multiple kinds of arts and sciences. A young Spartan’s education was focused on military strategies and war whereas Athenian education focused physical and mental…show more content…
As interesting as it may sound, we are not growing up and being trained to be a warrior as the Spartans were. Starting school and learning at just 5 years old is something the Athenians would have done. We focus on education in the modern world as did the Athenians. It is almost a social norm to further your knowledge as over 50 percent of graduating high school students move on to secondary education. In fact, 65.9 percent of those graduating students enrolled in college for that upcoming year. Growing up being a trained warrior like the Spartans would have been cool, but the Athenians are more comparable to the way of life we, and almost every other country in the world, live today. In conclusion, Sparta and Athens were both two great city-states that developed in Ancient Greece. Both of these groups set a name for themselves; Athens is remembered for its knowledge and infrastructure, and Sparta is known for its unbelievable military power and advancements. There were similarities and difference from political to economically, culturally and socially. Including the previous listed comparisons, the women of each city state also lived very different. Sparta and Athens each found their own success. Athens had a lasting effect in education that influences the modern

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