Contrass The Differences Between Western Heroess And Chinese Culture

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Domonique Wilkins International business 3101 Professor Guillotin Discussion board 3/7/16 A) Video 1 The first video summarizes the difference between Western heroes and Chinese culture. Western and Eastern cultures way of life and how they differ from each other. He starts out by stating how the two are different in regards to learning abilities. For instance, he states that in the West its results based, while in Chinese and Asian culture they are not results based but instead they are processed oriented. Furthermore, he discusses more in depth of what a Western hero is one who creates and goes forward with ideas despite who may disagree. For instance he uses Steve Jobs, creator of Apple to say that everyone laughed at him when he came up…show more content…
While it may be common in the United States to say no in China it is different. The cultural norms in regards to the United States is different. For instance, in Chinese culture instead of saying no they find a different way to say no without actually saying it. While in the American culture saying the word no is a certain and reasonable response. He then gives an example between a business conversation between Asian culture vs. Western cultures and what to expect. For example, Chinese cultures makes decisions based on what is realistic and what isn’t. If it doesn 't sit right with the Chinese culture they will respectfully object and disagree. After the disagree they will offer a rational response. When an Asian objects and offer their opinion, get the response and like the answer, they will than move on to another subject. If they move to a different subject it signifies that they agree with the response. One of the main points to take away from this video is that when doing business internationally know what the proper business etiquette is. Also know how to communicate effectively with the opposing culture so that something you say won’t be taken as a sign of disrespect. Lastly he concludes by saying that if there are two objections then it means that one doesn’t agree. A straightforward answer of yes is best because it will help determine if the person actually agrees or

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