Continuous Change

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Change has been among us from the beginning of time. Everything is constantly changing around us, whether it is advancements in technology, influences between cultures or the gap between humans and other primates. Although evolution has been occurring since the beginning of time as well, the idea of evolution and how to explain it did not occur to humans until fairly recently. Because information was not always recorded in the very early days of civilization, generations weren’t aware of the changes from the past to their current day. Charles Darwin changed this though, when he studied and published his book, “The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favored Races,” on his explanation of evolution through natural selection. After Darwin, many scholars followed in his footsteps to explain further theories. As technology advanced, there were more explanations for the concept of evolution followed by evidence and data because of the technology available to us. Without Darwin and technology, evolution would not be at the understanding that it is today.
Charles Darwin came up with the theory of natural selection that caught the public’s attention due to its opposing ideas from other scientists of his generation. Natural selection explained how species were able to evolve over the course of thousands and millions of years. It showed how species characteristics and physicality’s could change due to other causes such as the environment, food supply, predators and/or diseases. Darwin explains a scenario in which rabbits are split into two groups and tested on which would survive in certain circumstances. He writes, “…those individuals with the lightest forms, longest limbs and best eyesight, let the dif...

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...well as other organisms to determine the characteristics of civilizations before us. DNA testing, as explained earlier, gave us exactly what we needed; a link to generations that might or might not exist today. Bone discoveries were a big turn of events in the development in DNA testing because it With the discovery of bones came DNA testing, which only came into existence less than 30 years ago. With DNA testing, we could get much more information about beings before us and how we may have evolved from them. Aside from characteristics, the most important thing that DNA testing gave us was the ability to find out how young or old the being was. The way that we are able to gather DNA is continuously giving us new information. The evolution of the human race is constantly changing and the future is inevitably going to bring us new information in the development of it.
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