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This essay will discuss sampling techniques and tabular findings through content analysis, which is one of the unobtrusive measures, to a selection of news articles (n=271) in relation to funding bodies in science gathered from selected elite newspapers in the United Kingdom published between 1985 and 2013. The research questions are: How many and how long news articles are published with regard to research funding bodies in the UK? And Which fields of science is/are focused in those press coverage? The main aim of this study is to investigate popularity of funding bodies through examining how newspapers in the UK have reported about funding agency firstly reported by quality UK newspapers in 1985. Understanding trends through quantitative content analysis of newspaper in respect to research funding institutes is effective to assess development of the field. I presume that the number and length of funding-body-related articles, in particular natural science, has increased during the period because such organizations have developed and played a significant role.

In terms of methodology, the content analysis was traditionally utilized in the communication field as Krippendorff states (2004). Since content analysis of press coverage with regard to a specific topic need to collect all press articles pertaining to the theme and it is unnecessary to expand the set of texts by snowballing (Krippendorff, 2004), this essay employs a census. In this study, some UK quality newspapers which have a large circulation and have been sold nationwide are selected. They are Dairy Telegraph (n=15), Financial Times (n=49), The Guardian (n=131), The Independent (n=21) and The Times (n=55) (See Table 1). Conversely, tabloid papers in the UK are exclude...

... middle of paper ... attractive theme of news tends to be stated long. The table also shows the length’s standard deviation, which is a measure of how far all the cases in the sample vary on average from the mean (Buckingham and Saunders, 2004: 177). It presents that the published articles lengthen approximately 509 words above or below the sample mean figure of 861. As a whole, the tendency of article length is not short.

Through the analysis of news articles containing references to scientific funding bodies over the past twenty nine years,

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