Content Based Lesson on Energy

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#1 Watch your content-based lesson recording. Reflect on your content-based lesson teaching experience. Write what you did well, what you can improve, and what you learned about teaching and facilitating as a result of the experience. In my content base lesson I was able to project my message clearly and state the objectives that were being covered. By reviewing this lesson I was able to determine what I did well, what I need to improve on, and what I can learn about teaching and facilitating. I was able to formulate a lesson plan that was used as a template for creating an effective presentation. I had a clear title for the lesson that was related to my content. The established objectives were essential in providing the audience with a purpose for why this presentation was important. I was able to be consistent with the covered material. My time management was established by the slides and their content. I used great resources that were diverse and attracted the audience’s attention throughout the demonstration using Google docs, Prize, Movie Maker, and a poster board. To improve my lesson, I could have focused more on the three ideal objectives by enhancing the importance of each. This could have been done with leading questions and activities throughout the presentation. The transitions for the objectives could have been improved by relating each objective throughout the narrative. Teaching and facilitating a lesson plan is an art form that requires practice; by this the presenter acquires the flexibility needed to meet the complex demands of the audience. I learned that audience participation, group activities, and asking probing questions, helped in generating discussions. The end result was memory and integration, whic... ... middle of paper ... websites and other promoting documents through this medium. By establishing my entrepreneur ideas with a self-sufficient technology involving agricultural cultivation and development, I can begin my career path. Once I have mastered the various software dynamics, I need to build my future investments. Upon my graduating from the current program of study, I plan to build my self-sufficient company. One of my aspirational goals is helping to develop self-sufficient communities, where people learn to grow their own natural food, produce energy and purify water. With this people can gain the skills to become self-sufficient and more in tune with nature, ending heavy pollution. Additionally, the trigger for enlightenment can be reached in this target population; one day this will ripple across humanity, allowing higher intelligence to develop new inivative ideas.
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