Contemporary Christian Music Analysis

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Inspirational Christian music, more commonly termed Contemporary Christian music happens to dominate the listening genre of worshipers in Christianity. This genre has evolved over time to accommodate younger listeners, and the key to this success is the incorporation of popular or modern elements of other song genres like pop, rock and other non-classified Christian music. Contemporary Christian music in actuality “boast of its reach to younger listening audiences with peculiar and unconventional lyric choices. With the rate of decline in religious affiliations, and a corresponding increase in a more secular and tolerant society, it is quintessential for Contemporary Christian music to encompass elements of a music instrument like the guitar,…show more content…
“Overcome” by Jeremy Camp begins with the singer’s vocal along with the sound of a guitar to convey messages and meaning to the song. The introduction or intro to the song used just a single guitar. Further into the song, other musical instruments like piano and drums were introduced to buffer the singer’s vocals. Any listener to this song will notice the entrance and distinct sound of the guitar used, and for this song, the electric guitar is used throughout, with changing chords. The electric guitar is a guitar that uses electricity to amplify and enhance the volume and quality respectively, of the acoustics desired from this instrument. Acoustic-electric guitar is later used in this song’s bridge and chorus as well. For younger and sophisticated music audiences, the use of an instrument like a guitar with varying chords and range entails sophistication and a mastery of music. The use of instrument also makes up for a less than stellar vocal because instrumentation envelopes a song. The idea and success of instruments like the electric guitar ensure that audiences that listen to pop and rock music, and dedicated to instruments appreciate the style and inclusion of guitar, and also treated to the same sensation but with religiously delivered

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