Contaminating the Environment

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Contaminating the Environment

Humans are able to control nature unlike any other creature here on earth. We are the smartest of all the animals on this planet. This is why we are able to control most of the good or bad effects that happen here on earth. However, we do not always do what is best for the environment. Every year people and animals die from us polluting the earth. Chemicals are becoming one of the main problems with controlling the environment. Humans’ spray poisons on the land we live on and expect that nothing wrong will happen. These poisons eventually end up in our water we drink or shower in. There are many chemicals that cause harm to our environment. “Strontium 90, released through nuclear explosions into the air comes to earth in rain or drifts down as fallout and embeds itself in the soil where it enters into the grass or corn and eventually finds its way into the bones of human beings to remain there until death.” (Carson 513) Every year there are new products that threaten the environment. These products or chemicals can float into the air and are becoming a major source of pollution. Some chemicals we have created are depleting the ozone layer. Humans use dangerous materials to contaminate the air, water, and land.

Contaminating the air is our first serious threat to our planet. In many large cities, cars and factories pollute the air. In cities such as Los Angeles and Mexico City smog is a constant problem. Children, elderly people or people with asthma often get sick from breathing dirty air. There have been new developments in our understanding of the holes in the ozone layer and in our scientific studies of the spreading risk of ozone depletion. CFC’s and chlorine are...

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...ombustion of coal, coke, oil, and gasoline.” (Steinbeck 550) Even our drinking water has become polluted with toxins. Water is the key to survival, and without it nothing can survive. Having polluted air effects the ozone layer that will lead to global warming. We must work on keeping a cleaner planet so that every living organism has a chance to live. Humans control nature by regulating everything harmful to the environment. As technology grows we are able to see what effects we have on the environment as a whole.


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