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The container ship is one of the type of merchant ships, the only ship that can carry containers in a huge number. Furthermore, this ship is also known as ‘gearless’ ship and ‘cellular’ ship because it is the only ship that have no such gears around the whole ship structure (Pandiyan, 2015). Container Ship also can conduct intermodal business such as linking all the containers through the other transportation from ports through the land transportation whether by rails, trucks and trailers (Schubert, n.d). Evolution and Dimension of The Container Ships/Technological Changes Over 5 Decades. Throughout the history, the container ships have started the operations since in the mid of 1950s. But, the time has moving forward and the vessels have…show more content…
The ship during that time, it was quite small and the speed is considerably slow. The containers were absolutely limited and it can’t afford to carry the containers in such a huge number (Evolution of Container Ships, n.d). However, time passes and technology is growing where the containers has growing concernly in the world business trade that is growing rapidly in such a quick time (Evolution of Container Ships, n.d). Thus, the evolution of container ship continue where fully cellular container vessels or known as (FCC) has been introduced in the beginning of 1970s. The FCC can carry the containers for up to 2,500 TEUs where the vessel can afford to carry a lot of containers in the whole vessel including the below deck (hold) (Evolution of Container Ships, n.d). Plus, the speed of the vessel also has been increased to 20 to 24 knots compared to the first generation of container vessels that was 18 to 20 knots, which is much slower (Evolution of Container Ships, n.d). The early container ship has a dimension about 137 meters for length of overall (LOA), 17 meters for beam while 9 meters for draft. Soon, the containership has evolved where it has been expended to 215 meters for LOA, 20 meters for beam and 10 meters for draft (Evolution of Container Ships,

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