Consumer Perception: A Study Of Consumer Behavior

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What is Consumer Behavior?
Consumer Behavior is a study of the processes involved when individuals use, purchase, select, or dispose of products, services, needs, desires and ideas. The consumer is the person that uses the product while the customer is the person that purchases the product; they may or may not be the same person. When we study consumer behavior, it helps us improve business performance, we influence the public and we help consumers make better decisions.
There are many steps involved in this decision making process. Some of the things that affect the customer buying process would be motivation, personality, attitudes, perception, attention, memory and information processing. These factors are also affected by culture, social class, family and situation. They affect how consumers see products, weather they are view them as bad or good.

How we view the world around us is considered to be perception. People see things differently, from ideas to points, and have different opinions. We all have a different “Perception” of the world. Our brain makes sense out of the stimuli that we are exposed to. These sensory organs are:
a. Tongue for tastes & tasting
b. Ears for sounds & hearing
c. Skin for textures, touch & feeling
d. Eyes for sights & seeing
e. Nose for smells & smelling
The perception we have of a business or service can affect our buying behavior. Businesses spend a lot of money to ensure that consumers have a good perception of their business and make sure their product stand out from the crowd. When bringing a new yet risky product on the market a company can provide a lot of information along with reviews and a free trial, by doing this it decreases the risk of a bad perception. For example when...

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...cts is becoming easier since it is no longer a niche market. A case like this represents consumers motivating businesses. A business’ goal is to provide a product for consumers, but lately consumers want more environmentally safe products which make it easier for companies to step into knowing that the market is safe rather than putting a product out there that has a high risk of failing.

Consumer behavior does not stop at buying and using a product. There is also post product evaluation which is our thoughts of the product weather we are satisfied or not and if the product is what we expected, are the reviews of the product meeting our standards. This post evaluation affects weather we ever consume the product again. Even a customer loyal to a brand can have a negative post evaluation. This result of satisfaction or dissatisfaction lies upon our fulfillment needs.
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