Consumer Informatics the future of Nursing informatics in Trinidad and Tobago

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The health services and its associated disciplines evolve as society science and technology evolves. In the past, pen and paper was the only way to document a person’s health history. Health information was also given from the perspective of the clinician with little to no patient involvement in the process of health care. While this approach left little to no room for misinformation it also left no room for patient engagement. This approach has affected the cultural outlook on persons in the medical professions especially in relation to doctors who were seen particularly as the epitome of health information. This kind of thinking has even affected the inter relation between doctors and nurses.
Within the last few decades however healthcare has taken a consumer engagement/ involvement approach. This approach encourages active participation in decision making on the part of the patient and the patient’s family. This was and is partly influenced by the availability of information through the advent of and growth in the use of the internet which has revolutionised the way in which a person is able to access information
Consumer Informatics thus has been the result of the interaction between the shift from physician centered to patient centered care and the impact of readily accessible information via the internet. Consumer informatics is the future of nursing informatics and the health profession as a whole.
According to the United States General Accounting Office, consumer health Informatics is the use of modern computers and telecommunications to support consumers in obtaining information analysing their unique health care needs and helping them to make decisions about their own health, in which the consumer interacts with the appl...

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