Consumer Case Study

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1.0 Introduction Who is consumer? Consumer is a person or someone who acquires good, services and gifts of nature for his or her own satisfaction, needs or purpose to ensure our general well being. Consumer can be anyone who is from young to the old also consider as a consumer. Besides that, a businessperson is also a consumer, they play a dual role which are supply goods and services and also consume it. As a clever consumer, we must consume goods and services in conscientious way to avoid cheat by businessperson. Thus, it is important for consumer to know about their rights and duties. Basic consumer education is need by consumer to help them to make better choices of goods and services in market places in order to protect them from fraudulent…show more content…
This mean that consumer has the right to express their interest represented in the making and execution of government policy that will have impact on the supply of goods, and in the development of products and services (Venus, 2014). This right is propose to ensure the consumers can like a better life by having the best value for their earning. Moreover, according to Venus, when there is some problems or concerns happened, consumer has the right to complain. Under this right, the consumer is involved an assurance that consumers should be considered when during the regulatory process and formulate the government…show more content…
Government should put in effort in preventing our environment getting worse such as dying wildlife, environmental contamination, and depleted land fill space and so on. Example to prevent is to constantly check on the waste disposal that being emitted by factories whether there is a violation of the laws on environmental protection. Consumers have the right to live and work under a well environment that do not being threaten for now and future generations (Dumalagan,

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