Consumer Behaviour Case Study

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Consumer Behaviour:
Within the study Marketing, a crucial concept to understand is Consumer behaviour. Consumer behaviour according to (Ha & Perks, 2005) can in some ways be described as an Umbrella term / Concept which contains many other sub-topics and concepts that stem from the original concept of Consumer Behaviour. (Soloman, Russell-Bennet, & Previte, 2016) States that Consumer Behaviour is the study pre-Consumption, Post Consumption and Consumption phases of a consumer 's decision-making processes.(Soloman, Russell-Bennet, & Previte, 2016) however, states that the study of Consumer behaviour takes into consideration more than just what is being offered to the consumer in terms of goods and services and the processes involved pre, post and during consumption.
The ability of marketers and
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The consumer decision-making process according to (Jha, 205) is a process that should be perceived by marketers to place a heavy importance upon how consumer behave and in particular, the mental processes that take place allowing the for decision to be made can immensely influence the end result. (Deka, 2016) states that the Consumer decision-making process helps marketers and advertisers identify where key consumer touchpoints can be fully utilised in which consumers can be reached and exposed to advertising. However, (KOLLAT, ENGEL, & BLACKWELL, 2005), (Rust & Espinoza, 2016) states that due to the technological advances in media and the way in which consumers now seek and find information through numerous media, it has become harder to identify the most appropriate form of advertising and touchpoints to use to create exposure to the target audience. (Rust & Espinoza, 2016) states that due to the advances in modern technology Marketers need to shift their focus from textbook methods of marketing too much stronger emphasis on service and relationship with
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