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The study of why we buy certain products and not others is consumer psychology (Schiffman & Kanuk, 2010 pg 54). This is the perception, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that can influence how we relate to and buy goods and services. This study looks into the process we go through to select, secure, and also arrange these products or services. This also allows us to find reasons to satisfy our needs and the impact of these processes on consumers and the society (Bagozzi,Gurhan-Canl & Priester, 2002, pg 37). It is important to develop successful marketing communication which consists with pricing, promotions, products, and placing. Marketing communication influences us to buy. Compared to consumer psychology it is the study on why or how we buy.
According to, Impact of integrated marketing communication on consumer behaviour: Effects on consumer decision - making process, “…..Communication requires converting the original concepts into symbols, individual or organization who communicates has to transform concepts in a set of symbols that can be transferred to the receiver, who need to decode the symbols, in order to understand the original message (Mihart, C. 2012 p. 4).” This is the importance in the development of a successful marketing communication message. Marketing communication is a fundamental part of successful businesses. It is also essential to make the offer and to meet financial or non-profit targets (Mihart, C. 2012 p. 5). According to, Annual Review Of Psychology, “memory is an important concept in market communication, because prior knowledge places a role in consumer behavior (Bettman, J. R. 1986 p. 261).” The primary purpose of marketing communication is to build and strengthen the brand…(Mihart, C. 2012 ...

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...ness businesses must understand these concepts are a vital part of a consumers thought process. Understanding a consumers behavioural influence perspective will assure that the best marketing technique is establish for the business and the brand.

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