Consumed by Beauty in Death in venice by Thomas Mann

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Consumed in Beauty “A kind of delicacy … seriously beyond his year” (25). Life for humans is dictated by the yearning for more through our experiences. We strive for more knowledge, more wealth, and more happiness, but it all is endless like an abyss. Beauty, however, is pure and can be found in the simplest matters in life. Throughout the novel Death in Venice, by Thomas Mann, Aschenbach works his whole life rigorously day by day searching for more and more until his introduction to Tadzio in Venice. Upon Aschenbach’s first site of Tadzio he falls in love with the perfect beauty of the child. For the first time in his life he sees the simplicity of beauty and how perfect it is, however, he is consumed by it. Aschenbach’s introduction to beauty consumes his mind from the rest of the world. Aschenbach searches for beauty in life, but is trapped and consumed by it and is pulled away from the rest of the world. Tadzio represents beauty and he shows Aschenbach the true simplicity of beauty. In Aschenbach’s eyes Tadzio is “a precious artifact of human nature” who reveals true beauty t...

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