Construction Education

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In the construction domain, the semantic web has been used in the field of construction education, supply chain, project and construction management, material storage, project design, architecture and graphic designs, etc.

In the field of construction education, repositories have been developed in managing objects as well as metadata using ontologies that offers a set of services such as storing, retrieving and searching of learning objects using semantic web technologies(Ahmed et al. 2007; Pathmeswaran and Ahmed 2009; Argüello et al. 2006a; Argüello et al. 2006b). In the domain of supply chain, great use of semantic repositories about information from different partners on a common or different projects have been undertaken (Zou and Seo 2006; eBuild-XML 2001). In construction and project management semantic web repositories have been developed to enhance interoperability over computer systems to facilitate different construction companies’ projects’ information (Aziz et al. 2004; El-Diraby et al. 2005; Ruikar et al. 2007; Shelbourn et al. 2006; Owolabi et al. 2006; Ping Chen et...
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