Construction Contractor Case Study

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Construction Contractor
The Construction Contractor designs and builds the project, often on ‘turnkey’ fixed-price contract basis. The construction contract in most cases is awarded through a competitive tendering process, where pricing is likely to be the major consideration (Marsh, Pendleton 2011). McWilliams and Grant (2011) argue that the Construction Contractor has the biggest role in the development of a hydroelectric scheme development. This category includes civil works contractors; mechanical, electrical, and hydro-mechanical equipment suppliers; and designers, sub-contractors, and suppliers that are part of the contractor’s team. The conventional approach to construction included split-package contracts awarded to contractors specializing in the appropriate
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The directly affected population includes local populations who suffer a direct physical, social, or economic loss (domestic dwellings, land, and commercial premises) as a result of development of the project, and who should receive compensation for their losses. Similarly, the indirect affected population includes people who have livelihoods or leisure activities affected (fishing, hunting), who may be affected by health problems, who suffer noise and pollution during the construction of the project (McWilliams, Grant 2008).
There are, however, people who benefit from the construction and operation of the project. These people include construction workers and operation staffs employed on the project, commercial enterprises, retail establishments, beneficiaries from the regulation of the river (irrigation, reduced flooding). In addition, there are other stakeholders interested in the project such as INGOs and NGOs, environmental and lobby groups, climate change organizations, and civil societies (McWilliams, Grant
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