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There are many careers within the title of “construction” and each has a different specialty. The many careers are: Construction manager, Cost estimator, Glazier, Plumbers, Structural iron, Steel workers, Painter, Sheet metal workers, Carpenter, Electrician, Construction workers, Cement masons, Concrete finishers, Brick masons, and Insulation contractor. These careers are in order of the highest average income to the least. The U.S news states that construction managers and cost estimators need to have experience in the lower fields, along with a bachelor degree. As being a construction manager, this position should require the most education. While their education is a decision when choosing a construction manager, it is truly based upon the experience and what they can offer to the site. They have to control and handle many people; this job is a big responsibly. The website states, “But it's becoming increasingly important that those entering this line of work have both contextual experience and a college education” (U.S. News). Construction Managers are mainly the only careers ...
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