Constitutional Arguments

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Government Paper One When the Constitution was written two factions developed during the ratification process. The Federalist's were staunch supporters of the Constitution as it was. The Anti-federalists wanted the Constitution to contain stronger restrictions on the National government and wanted a Bill of Rights added. In thinking about this paper I tried to decided what I side I would have fallen on during the Constitution debates. After some thought, I came to the conclusion that I would have been an Anti-federalist. Anti-federalists have generally been associated with being proponents of states rights. They tended to view the national government with suspicion; as a group that needed to be carefully monitored or else they would take advantage of their rights. This train of thought makes sense. The more power a body is given, the more likely that person will take advantage of that power. This just comes down to human nature. Since we have a sinful nature we will not tend to think of others first. Instead the desire for more power overtakes any type of moral standing we may possess. The Anti-federalists' main issue was the lack of a Bill of Rights in the Constitution. The Federalist's were saying that there was no need for a Bill of Rights, that the national government would make sure that those rights were handed down to the people. Obviously the Federalists had a better opinion of the national government than the Anti-Federalists. I would not describe myself as someone who does not trust her government, but I am a bit leery of this an ideology that people will do what it is right. I think most people in my generation take this same view. Unfortunately in the past few decades our government has not given us much reason to trust that we the people are always getting the fair deal out of a law or bill or situation. Events like the Kennedy assassination, Watergate, the 911 commission, and the war in Iraq have all contributed to me being a little skeptical that my government is always looking out for me and doing the right thing. The Federalist's were wearing rose colored glasses when they pictured their national government. I do not see how, when you consider human nature, these men could have possibly thought that the government for all of time would never become corrupt, always give the rates to the states they deserved, and never abuse their power.
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