Constancy And Consicy

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Literature Review:
The fact that the businesses now days are more towards delighting customers with constancy then only satisfying them has become a widely discussed issue in businesses procedures. In today’s era the businesses are facing completion every minute and due to this the businesses need to deliver a quality product and services to their customers to retain in the competitive market place and to mould the customers with the level of satisfaction. On the other hand, recent studies have shown that only satisfying the customers is not enough to be able to hold them because even satisfied customers sometimes can also be despondent in some companies which shows that delighting the customers is as important as satisfying them which results in the pleased customer.

Many businesses now comprehend the fact that satisfying customers with constancy and loyalty is not sufficient to make customers stick to their product and services but rather delight and please them which is only achievable when the customer is totally satisfied (Blackwell, Miniard, and Engel, 2006).

Service providers consider that the satisfied customers are not the happy customers and cannot be retained for longer period of time. So as to hold them the businesses require to move further than satisfaction to delight because delight is regarded as the sturdy, emotional and positive response to the products and services. Whereas delight is dependent on the emotion of the consumer’s response to the product or services (Oliver, Rust, and Varki, 1997).

Delighted customers are those which are frequently very satisfied customers. The authors went after Roche Diagnostic Systems which changed from product-oriented company to customer-driven company with the credence tha...

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... and services related to its prior expectations whereas he defines that delight is when the customer is not just satisfied with the product or service but when he gets unexpected value and unexpected satisfaction. Delight comes when the customer is pleased and surprised. On the other hand, Verma presumes that delight comes when the consumer is extremely satisfied (Verma, 2003).

As mentioned by Fournier and Mick (1999), and Keiningham, Goddard, Vavra and Iaci (1999), customer retention, customer satisfaction and customer delight are considered as the amount of concentration given to the target customers at the every step of value chain which is called Customer Value Chain Involvement (CVCI). Thus, by achieveing customer loyalty, satisfaction and retention and customer delight businesses can get bigger profit margins and market share (Prahalad and Ramaswamy, 2003).

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