Consider How Gender Can Impact Upon Teachers’ Experiences

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1.0 Introduction
Teaching career in education setting is commonly seen with a greater numbers of females rather than males. Paton (2013) mentioned that researches have identified, ‘men are being put off applying for jobs in primary schools because working with young children is seen as a woman’s profession’. This perception leaves a questioned on the existence of male teachers especially at primary level. Jamieson (2007) mentioned on the huge difference between women and men at the primary level, ‘women outnumber men four to one’.
Thus, it has been clearly proven that males have a strong belief and perception that teaching career welcomes females rather than males. Retaining more male teachers in the educational setting can be beneficial not only to students’ learning but also to various other aspects. Therefore to make an effort in the demand of more male teachers, this essay will further discuss the factors influencing male to select teaching as a career.
2.0 Factors Affecting Male to Choose Teaching as a Career
Based on several studies, there are few reasons leading to the scenario of men showing less preference in the teaching field. One of the reasons that have been recognized is low income. Teaching profession is assumed to be a low wage career (Born, No Date). Perceptions of the community have been identified as the second factor. Last but not least is the factor of teaching career being seen as a female profession rather than both female and male profession.

2.1 Low Income
Male in common are the breadwinner in a family:
A man feels that if he’s going to get married and have children, he should be able to provide for his wife and children. I think that is as true today as it was when my father in the 1950’s w...

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