Conservation Of Mass Lab Report

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The results from the experiment show that the Law of the Conservation of Mass is correct in the two different experiments. The experiment in an open environment showed that the mass will always stay the same when vinegar and sodium hydroxide react with each other. The mass of each substance was calculated before the reaction, and after the reaction, the mass of the reaction was the same and no mass was lost. In the closed environment experiment that provided gas, the amount of gas complimented to the mass of the other substances and showed that no mass had been destroyed or created. These results prove the hypothesis as the mass of both substances were predetermined before the reaction and proved the mass stayed the same throughout the…show more content…
Scientists could use different amounts of each substance. Only 50 mL of each substance were used in the first experiment and to ensure that the Law of Conservation of Mass works for all kinds of amounts, the experiment could be conducted using fewer or larger amounts of the materials. This would help illustrate larger or smaller chemical reactions. Also, both of the experiments use just two substances, and to further explore mass, an experiment could be conducted using different types and numbers of substances. Water vapor and carbon dioxide could be used to produce ash, which would provide a more unique and different reaction to test the mass of substances (Reference). Different room temperatures could also be used to conduct the experiment. The first experiment used temperature to compliment the experiment, and to further test the reactions, the room temperature could be set differently to see if that changes the temperature of the vinegar or other substances. If two solids are tested when they react with each other, it would provide more evidence to support the Law of the Conservation of mass. This could be conducted between a reaction in lead nitrate and potassium iodide to test if mass stays the same through solid reactions (Learn Chemistry). The Law of Conservation Mass helps people estimate and know the mass of reactions. If chemists are hoping to cause a reaction between two substances with large masses, knowing how much mass will form into either solids, liquids, or gases, will help people know the space or strength needed to conduct reactions
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