Consequences of the Iraq War

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War in Iraq, which was launched by the United States and the United Kingdom on March 20, 2003 and continues to the present, was intended to be a preventative war against terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction, as president Bush repeatedly claimed that "these weapons posed a significant and timely threat to the United States and its allies." As a matter of fact, the things that considered Iraq as a threat to global welfare had not been discovered, and in spite of the common thought that this war will produce many advantageous consequences, it certainly caused a greater number of unfortunate ones.

First, the war on Iraq has cost the lives of almost two thousand of "Coalition of the willing" soldiers in addition to those that were injured. Moreover, soldiers are still dying and will keep dying day after day because of the roadside bombs, suicide bombers and guerilla attacks, although we can easily stop these deaths by sending soldiers home. US government, quite the contrary, is still sending troops to Iraq and keeps them there longer than they are initially prom...
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